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<HEAD> ... </HEAD>

The browser was subdivided into two parts by the inventors of HTML: The HEAD and BODY.

Attitudes are defined In the HEAD-part of the HTML-file are defined some properties for the browser like title, author or language of the homepage. One also can put the links to external files here (for example a JavaScript or Stylesheet file).

So one can say the HEAD-part gives the example to the browser, so that the orders can be shown correctly in the BODY-part.

<BODY> ... </BODY>

BGCOLOR, TEXT und LINK bezeichnet man als Parameter von BODY, denn durch sie definiert man Eigenschaften vom BODY.

Was diese komischen Zeichenfolgen (wie #0000FF) bedeuten, erfährst du unter » Farben .


Here we have an important element of HTML again. It is also the most interesting. Because with this tag one finally starts the "building" of the homepage.

All orders which stand between <body> and </body> are defining the later appearance of the home page.

In the BODY-tag one also can make presettings such as the background color, the color of the text or the color of the links.

Here one example:

<body BGCOLOR="#0000FF" TEXT="#FFFFFF" LINK="#990000">

BGCOLOR, TEXT and LINK are called parameters of  the BODY-tag, because one defines properties of the BODY.

If you want to know, what these strange strings (like #0000FF) mean, look at » colors