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<FONT> ... </FONT>

Der FONT-Tag ist sehr wichtig für die Schriftformatierung. Alles was zwischen <FONT> und </FONT> steht, wird so angezeigt, wie man die Parameter definiert hat. Hier wieder ein Beispiel:

The FONT-tag is very important for the document formatting. Everything what is between <FONT> and </FONT> will be formatted like the parameters where set. Here again one example:

  I am a red text.

Here we see already two parameters of the FONT-tag: SIZE and COLOR. There's one more, well, we do a listing:

  • SIZE defines size the of the text ( 1 to 7)
  • FACE defines the font
  • COLOR defines the color

It is always necessary to highlight some passages in the text, and the FONT-tag is a great help for that.

There are even further means to the text formatting: the » B-I-U tags