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<B> ... </B>, <I> ... </I> and <U> ... </U>

These three tags are representing the three standard ways of formatting for texts:

  • B means BOLD,
  • U stands for UNDERLINED
  • I is ITALIC

The principle is valid also here: Everything standing between the tags gets formatted.

<H1> ... </H1> till <H6> ... </H6>

There tags from <H1> till <H6>. They definde a HEADLINE. The number after the H defines the size of the headline, 1 is the biggest und 6 the smallest.

There is a parameter for H1 - H6, too: The alignment:

  • ALIGN - values: left, center und right. For example:

    <H1 ALIGN="center">
      Headline 1

    In this example, the "headline 1" would be aligned in the center of the HTML-site.