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Hint 3 - Content?

Nothing is more annoying than ready a real good article which ends with a final link and that link is dead. Dead links suck, and should be avoided.

If you have more than one dead link on your site, that is a guarantee to keep your visitors away. Cause nobody wants to see a 404.

If you want to avoid this, check you external links from time to time or even better: always keep your site up to date:

  • Are all the links on my site working?
  • Is my content still up to date?
  • When was the last time I added content?
  • Do all my images on my site still load correct?

Hint 4 - Links

Visitors that already are on your site are also meant to stay there for a while. In order not to make them leave unwillingly you should make all your external links open in a new window. That way, if they want to go from you site to another, your window is still open, and after they’re done with the other site, they come back to yours.

Some webmasters also integrate a free guestbook of a free forum. Unfortunately these free offers usually don’t offer a link back to you site. If you have a frameset on your page, it doesn’t matter, but if not, also open your guestbook in a new window.