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Hint 1 - Impress

Every serious internet page includes a page where the visitor has the possibility to get to know who the author of the page is. This can for example be helpful in case of a copyright violation or simply to give the author of a page some feedback.

Furthermore this page should be used to dissociate from all external links. This is definitely necessary because otherwise, as the webmaster of an internet page, you are responsible for the links you have. But if you dissociated from the links as I recommend, then there is no longer any need to check the content of your linked pages.

Hint 2 - Directories

Every webmaster wants, of course, as much visitors as possible. So he mentions his page whenever possible and tells all his friends about it. Who wants to do more than this should register his page at an internet links directory like yahoo.com or dmoz.org. dmoz.org, by the way, is the directory of google and by that very powerful.

Once registered there, the service checks if the site is approved, and after that appears in their directory. These directories have a rather high traffic what will also reflect or you site’s traffic.